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NIC Salts Shot

Vapeight’s Nic Salts Shot! Juice is a nicotine salt booster shot that is meant to be used in short-fill e-liquids to improve their nicotine level. Nicotine booster shots should not be vaped on their own; instead, they should be mixed with shortfall e-liquids or combined with flavor concentrates and distilled VG/PG to make your own DIY e-liquid.

What Is a Nic Shot?

Nic shots are odorless and colorless nicotine delivery systems. They were created in response to the Tobacco Products Directive’s new laws and restrictions (TPD). Every E liquid company understands how critical it is to make their goods TPD compliant. This regulating organization oversees the manufacture and sale of e-liquids and other vape items in the United Kingdom. The TPD issued regulations a few years ago requiring manufacturers to test any new nicotine-containing e-liquid products.

The testing step is the longest and slowest portion of the production process for any liquid. It necessitates the use of laboratory professionals as well as a significant amount of time. When vape makers and suppliers learned about the new laws, they understood they needed to move swiftly in order to get goods in stores as soon as possible.

Can you mix nic shots with nic salts?

Simply said, while mixing nic shots and nic salts are technically feasible, it is not encouraged and will most likely result in a bad-tasting juice.

Vaping is heavily reliant on mixing. Mixing your favorite short-fill flavor with your preferred nic shot strength to produce a new, more layered flavored juice and trying to find what works for you is all part of the vaping experience. When it comes to your selected nicotine booster, however, it is recommended not to mix shots and salts.

The reason combining these two forms of Nic Salts Shot is such a horrible idea is due to their distinct chemical compositions and how each degrades while you vape. Because nicotine shots are meant to be vaped at a greater wattage than salts, combining salts and shots might result in a juice that vaporizes at varying speeds depending on your device’s heating coil. This will result in an imbalanced combination with a disagreeable flavor.


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