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DIY E Liquid

Are you overpaying for vape juice? Why not make your own? This complete guide DIY E liquid to making your own vape juice will show you precisely how to produce your own e-liquid in the comfort of your own home.

DIY vape juice/DIY E liquid is essentially creating your own liquid to fit your specific preferences and demands. Making your own lets you choose the flavor, nicotine level, and, most crucially, how to efficiently divide the costs of vaping.

But we understand if you want a more extensive analysis of the actual method and what equipment and supplies you’ll need to get started with this new enjoyable and cost-effective pastime, so keep reading for our complete tutorial!

How to make your own vape juice in 8 steps:

  1. Gather equipment
  2. Gather ingredients
  3. Do your measurements
  4. Create a base mixture
  5. Add flavor
  6. Add nicotine
  7. Bottle up your vape juice
  8. Steep your vape juice

E Liquid Mixing

It’s not as tough as it appears to make your own e-liquid. When done correctly, it may open up a whole new world of flavor possibilities for a fraction of the cost of pre-mixed flavors. This article will teach you how to make e-liquid, perhaps making it less intimidating and simpler to grasp if you are new to DIY E-liquid.

How to use the E Liquid Calculator

1. Amount To Produce: Enter the total amount of e-liquid you want to create. This may be changed at any moment, and the overall ingredient measurements will be adjusted appropriately.

2. VG/PG Liquid Ratio: Enter your desired overall VG and PG ratio here. More Diluent: We recommend not adding extra diluents, however, our calculator allows you to do so if necessary.
3. Desired Nicotine Intensity: This is where you enter your general nicotine strength preference for vaping.